Golf Club Fit Golf Club Fit


The App helps choose the best brand of golf club to maximize your distance and improve your accuracy. When going thru a club fitting at most golf shops you get to test swing a set of clubs from various companies. A sensor captures the hit distance and also the accuracy from fairway center for each swing of a test club. Just looking at the club that gave you the most distance for a single swing or the best accuracy for a single swing doesn’t give a true picture of which is the best club. Even looking at the best three swings of a club is a very small sample size to base a decision on.

After inputting your swing data (the more samples the better) for the clubs being considered the App runs a set of simulated swings based on this data. Hundreds of simulated swings! The App then tells you for each club type the probability it is the best in terms of expected distance or accuracy based on your swing data. Have the confidence you are purchasing clubs to play to the best of your ability.


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Golf Club FitGolf Club FitGolf Club Fit Golf Club Fit