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Finds the optimal ventilation fan rating and heater BTU output requirements for your greenhouse. Uses standard industry formulas for ventilation and heat loss in calculations. The dimensions of the greenhouse, cover material types and temperature settings can all be varied to determine how this changes the results. Inputs can be in Feet or Meters, Fahrenheit or Celsius values. Results can be sent by text or email.


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Greenhouse FertilizerGreenhouse Fertilizer

Quickly determine the right mix of fertilizer nutrient when applying as parts per million using a dilution injector. In a greenhouse business, soluble fertilizers are dissolved in water to make concentrated solutions which are diluted and applied to crops using a fertilizer injector. The injectors siphon the concentrated fertilizer solution from a stock tank and injects the solution into the greenhouse water line at the final concentration desired for crop application. The tool’s calculations use the injector ratio (stock solution injected per set quantity of water), the desired Parts Per Million of fertilizer nutrient desired, the fertilizer formulation (N-P-K percents) and other factors to find the right mix to achieve the recommended fertilizer application.

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Greenhouse FertlizerGreenhouse Fertililzer Greenhouse Fertilizer<