Picky Eater Picky Eater Meter


Finding a way to get your child to eat a healthy amount before asking for dessert or jumping up to play can be a challenge. This App provides a fun way to let them know they have a little more to finish. Kids all like play with devices like your phone and watch moving graphics. The App has a moving meter (that you set) which shows how close they are to being finished and finally when they are done. Just hand it to them and let them tap run to watch the graphics. This application is not designed to prescribe or determine an appropriate quantity of food for children. Any decisions regarding the dietary needs of a child should be made in consultation with a qualified healthcare professional. One thing about the App is that there will be laughter. You: Laugh - I can’t believe that worked. Spouse: Laugh: - I said that wouldn’t work! Friends: Laugh: Brilliant, I need to get that. Grandparents: Laugh - Parents now days. In my day… Child: Laugh - The negotiating has only begun. If somebody laughs its worth the small price.


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