Wastewater ManageWastewater Manager

Our wastewater manager app is designed for wastewater operators, engineers, or anyone else who has a need for easy to use mathematical formulas relating to wastewater. The formulas are organized by processes and can be used to assist in daily lab work, process troubleshooting, and many other purposes. Answers can be emailed to be printed for future use.


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Nim LogicNim Logic

Nim Logic presents the user with two games, a free game ZIgZAg and an InApp purchase game BeadDrop. There is also a data challenge for those that consider themselves analysts.

In the ZIgZAg game you choose a new position on the path 1,2, or 3 nodes forward. The computer or the other player does the same. Neither player is allowed to jump the other players position. The player with a final position inside the green circle wins! Different expertise levels can be set to increase the challenge.

In the BeadDrop game each player chooses to remove one or more beads from a single column. The player that makes the final move to empty the board wins! NOTE: By doing the data challenge you may grasp how you should play to win in the BeadDrop game and beat the computer.


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Bidding JobsBidding Jobs

This App helps you make better job bids. When bidding on jobs against competitors, making a high bid yields more profit but decreases the likelihood your bid will win. A low bid yields less profit but increases your chance of winning the job.Somewhere in the middle is the optimal bid that gives you the best chance of winning the job contract while making a nice profit. Using the power of Monte Carlo Simulation this App considers the uncertainty around the number of bidders and their bid proposals in determining the bid you should make that maximizes your expected profit.


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Bidding JobsWhen to Sell

If you sell anything where different purchase offers are made, this is the App you need to maximize the probability you will accept the best offer. The When To Sell App works equally well for selling low cost items to very expensive items like a house and works with any currency type. The App uses math algorithms from Optimal Stopping Theory to greatly improve your chances of selling at the highest price. After choosing which money and time constraints apply to your selling decision the App lets you know when a purchase offer should be accepted.

Let the math work for you and sell like a professional!!!


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Learn My WordsLearn My Words

LearnMyWords can be used to improve reading, speech or memory skills by practicing associating a name with a picture. Users are able to add pictures using the device camera or existing photos and give an appropriate name or words to be displayed with each picture. (With an In-App purchase, audio can be added to play when a picture is displayed.).


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