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Nim Logic presents the user with two games, a free game ZIgZAg and an InApp purchase game BeadDrop. There is also a data challenge for those that consider themselves analysts.


In the ZIgZAg game you choose a new position on the path 1,2, or 3 nodes forward. The computer or the other player does the same. Neither player is allowed to jump the other player's position. The player with a final position inside the green circle wins! Different expertise levels can be set to increase the challenge.


In the BeadDrop game each player chooses to remove one or more beads from a single column. The player that makes the final move to empty the board wins! NOTE: By doing the data challenge you may grasp how you should play to win in the BeadDrop game and beat the computer.



Nim LogicNim Logic
Nim LogicNim Logic